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+ Detoxifying + Clarifying + Strengthening


A purifying shampoo that redefines clean. Unlike most purifying cleansers, this formula is gentle on hair and scalp with everyday use. It softens hair while gently removing chemical buildup, clarifies without harming color, and leaves hair supple and radiant.


  • Advanced conditioner formulation that softens and strengthens hair without adding waxy residue or build-up. Unique blend of keratin and natural extracts strengthen and support hair and scalp purification for healthier, more lustrous looking hair.
         + Enriched with keratin and botanical extracts
         + Supports hair and scalp detoxification
         + Safe for color-treated hair
         + Gentle formula
         + For all hair types
         + Proactive & reparative hair therapy
         + For both men and women

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