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EverCare Prohealth Technologies Limited is proud to present DS Laboratories, a biotechnology company aggressively focused on innovation for personal care.

DS Laboratories products are researched and developed, clinically tested and manufactured in the United States of America while keeping highest quality, performance and safety in mind.

Our mission is to deliver superior high-tech formulations, products & value-added solutions that improve customer’s confidence & well-being.

DS Laboratories’innovative dermatological products incorporate the latest technology for delivery of active ingredients which is programmed for specific benefits. DS Laboratories organic micro-spheres are designed in such a way that we are able toencapsulate ingredients in a most-efficient manner and provide additional stability. The slow and sustained release of actives from these nanosomes assists in achieving continuous benefits for prolonged period of time. DS Laboratories’ advanced nanosome delivery system is one of the most efficient encapsulation and transportation system for targeted applications with site-specific payload delivery.

Since introduction in 1960s, liposomes have been effectively used in diverse areas. Applications range from cosmetics to the delivery of cancer drugs. However, the promise of this amazing discovery of liposomal delivery systems had and continues to have a certain challenges such as instability, non-deformability and premature release of encapsulated activeswhich limit this technology to deliver only marginal benefits.

Unlike traditional liposomes often found in common cosmetics and dermatological products, DS Laboratories’Nanosomes have been designed to be superior in stability and offer high encapsulation efficiency which in turn makes DS Laboratories products deliver higher performance and safety profiles in comparison to almost any other skin care technology available in the market.[1][2]

This highly advanced delivery system combined with high purity and quality active ingredients insure remarkable benefits and performance. This technology puts DS Laboratories at the forefront of innovation in dermatology.

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